Pro 2 Task 3: Development

Okay so while i was writing the list the first thing that the images made me think was “life”. I think i will use this word with my photos, i think it best explains what all the images are part of and what everything is about.

I like the “I” in the middle of this one above because i feel it sort of relates to me

I really like this one but i’m not sure if the type would be big enough. When i put the type in the small square i thought the whole layout looked a bit like a crossword puzzle.

I like this idea, but it doesn’t really look right just yet.

Ive just heard that you can only use one word for the piece. so I’m going to just go back to using the word “life” i would like to use the word puzzle,  but i feel it doesn’t totally relate to all the images. The word life does, and the way i have placed the photos is so they all lead to one central point which everything relates too.. life.

And now i’ve wrote life that many times it doesn’t look like a proper word anymore.

For this one below, i went back to the small type that fits inside the tiles. For some reason i really like it. I positioned the type under the point of the flower in the photo above it.

I made the type in the above image the full 3 inches long. And added a white stroke around it.


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