Pro 2 Task 3: Research

Ive decided to do a bit of research and try to come up with something better.


Im still going to use the word “life” so i looked up the definition of it, to see if i could find something else:

The properties or qualities that distinguish living plants and organisms from dead or inanimate matter, including the capacity to grow, metabolize nutrients, respond to stimuli, reproduce, and adapt to the environment. The definitive beginning and end of human life are complex concepts informed by medical, legal, sociological, and religious considerations.

I like the words grow and complex, maybe i could hide them within my image?



I thought this one looked a bit like my early trials, with the tiles.



I love this, the photo is so crisp and clear, i love the colour of the steal, with the rust on it and how it creates the really nice shadow.


Changing the opacity could be an idea for my piece.





Really nice typography in this piece, like the contrast between the dark photo and white type as well.



This is what i was trying to achieve with my piece, using a different image for each letter.



I feel this piece looks much better, The background is a collage (which is what my 9 images are) I could use the full 9×9 square to write the word life and then use one image that sums up life in the background but change the opacity so its very light. I also like how this one seems to glow in the centre. And i think having something in the background is much more appealing. the white background is just too boring, even this cream one makes such a difference.



I really like the use of shadows with this one. Like the O as well.


Thought this was class, even though its not really related to my work, but same type of technique.


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