Easier to use than a normal machine

Needs colour

Need a screen to confirm to the user the transaction was completed successfully

Nice pyramid structure arranged in order

Need a screen to tell the user what the machines progress is e.g. “were counting your cash”

Was simple enough to use. Felt like I was at the bank machine! lol! good clear wording to click the right options. Should have a pink background.

All the bank machine background colours are usually dark blue or navy with yellow or white letters and numbers!

It’s working like a dream on the iPad, and I tried all of the options lol. it’s a bit plain but it works wonderfully. Maybe you could create your own branding for the project. even a dark coloured background with white for the buttons and stuff?

i like it. it’s simple and easy to work. like the quick cash option. definitely need to put colours on. the dark background with light writing can sometimes be hard to see so maybe go for something different.

Too many buttons, make it simpler

Takes too long to get the money

Combine, lists eg main screen is on a slide down list on each page. Add receipt button to bottom of page rather than having a different page. make less pages.



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