So after showing the film to everyone in class this was the feedback:

Add in another layer of sound – for example, kids, clocks and happy spring time sounds to match the upbeat optimistic feeling to match the vintage items.

There was positive feedback about the lighting and the use of shadows.

I suggested that i was still going to add in the poem on top as i had planned to do handmade type (quilling and paper cutting) but then due to time there wasn’t long enough to make it before filming so i was going to add in words in after effects. But from the feedback it was a no, they thought it would take away from the footage and that it was strong enough on its own. I have to say i do agree, after watching it through with music and everything i wasn’t sure how it would fit in or even where i would put the writing or what font to use! I really was struggling to see how it would work.

Also if the word “Gravestone” went in as a title it wouldn’t fit with the whole feeling of the film.



This app has some nice visuals and i feel that it would be good to incorporate more activities as well as the walking article about it here

Screen Shot 2014-11-03 at 11.54.44

Personally I’m someone who needs to mentally prepare and know whats ahead or inshore for me, i downloaded the couch to 5k app for this project and liked the idea of it but couldn’t see past week three if i wasn’t a member or joined up or something, I found this and thought it was really good the user can clearly see whats expected and how it builds up to being 5k. The visual was put together by someone who had completed the challenge and aimed it towards beginners for the challenge which they can complete along the way. link here

Screen Shot 2014-11-03 at 11.56.38


Im using After Effects for my editing and had found it problematic to import a the full sequence. After looking online i found out that because i had deleted and retaken two photos while i was taking the film it had broken the sequence and then i couldn’t upload it altogether. So i used Automater to change the name on all of the photos to make it consecutive. I then changed the fps to 12 and watched it through. I found that i needed to add in a few extra photos to make the phone scenes last a bit longer, for example when the phone sits as if it is ringing the book, and when the glasses are talking to the phone. I just used the last photo that i wanted to slow, 5 times to do this and it worked really well.

I also tried to change the speed by changing the fps to 16 and also 10. I found that 10 worked better so that is what the final outcome is. I also added in a fade in and out at the beginning and end.

I didn’t need to edit a lot because i had been very careful while taking the footage but it did take me a long time to figure out simple things.

I used After effects to add my sound as well. I found my soundtrack on Audio Network and downloaded it as mp3. I added it in and then adjusted the length and then the sound levels at the beginning and end. The soundtrack was one of four that i had picked out before taking the footage. i wasn’t sure that it fitted in with the whole theme, but when i had played the footage with all the songs it was the one that fitted best with the footage. The other songs were very sombre and sad which is what i had been looking for. But because the footage had a very upbeat and optimistic feel the upbeat song went better.

Tips for moving on

We discussed in class what we need for our hand in

1 Identify all tasks

2 Prioritise

3 Prototype – Make sure it works

4 Implement graphics – look and feel

5 Develop graphics on specific area you like

We should have 3-5 finished screens, Research on apps, Present in a neat, fitting manner (e.g. the class tutorial in after effects)


When i was drawing out my storyboards i drew out 60  boxes to represent 1 minute and i knew that each box would have 12 frames within it, so i was going to have to take 720 photos to make a full minute, at the beginning i had picked out a song but couldn’t use it and the original story board had the line of the poem placed in to the film to match the beat in the song, so the second image here shows the beat of the song along the top and the poem on the left hand side. On the right was my working out to figure that i needed about 60 photos per line in the poem.

DSC_0596 DSC_0597

The storyboard below had only had ten boxes, to represent each line in the poem and it was really to figure out what order and direction i wanted the paper objects to go.


On the back as i was going along i was writing down how long each scene was and how many photos i had taken for each part. as you can see it was very varied as i went along and it did get shorter towards the end because i didn’t want to drag the actions out, but when it was put together i feel like it worked well with the transitions between the scenes and all the vintage objects.


Filming day

Set Up

I set up for filming in my mums work room, she has a room with only a door and no windows so it meant i could use my own lights and not worry about natural lighting. This is my set up below. I used a 200 watt bulb set on a little stool close to the action. and the camera was on the tripod to limit movement.


Background colour

For the background i debated wether to have a white background or a dark one. I thought the white would make the whole image look very plain and boring so i scraped that idea. I couldn’t find black cardboard which was what i thought of using. But i found lino flooring, I thought the grains looked really well and it added an extra depth to the background. It was also slightly shiny so reflected the lighting. And it helped that it was sturdy so when i needed to use blu tack it stayed in place.

DSC_0005 DSC_0001


I used a 200 watt bulb set on a stool so it was above the objects and they were all lit really well. I tried to add another 150 watt bulb to the side as you can see in the second picture here but it wasn’t bright enough to stop the shadows and it just created a really uneven glow. It would have needed a rand swell but i didn’t have one available so i just left it out and used the shadows to my advantage.

DSC_0007 DSC_0020

Camera technique

I was careful throughout to make sure that the ISO aperture and shutter speed were all at an equal level. You can see the drastic difference below by just changing these settings.

DSC_0008 DSC_0009

Camera Set up

I tried facing the camera straight down so i could have a straight on view of the objects but as you can see at the bottom of this photo the tripod is in the shot, so i just had to tilt the camera slightly and zoom in a bit.DSC_0011

Object set up

These were all the vintage items that i had, In my storyboard i wanted to have all of them in every shot, but when i set it up i realised that it was very cluttered, so i took some objects out and then added them in throughout the film



As you can see below it looks a lot less cluttered and there is space for everything to move around and for the paper objects to come in and out


First attempt

When i had the above objects set up i knew that my first scene was going to be the footsteps in. I had got about 20 photos into my the first scene when i realised that i hadn’t been moving all the objects only the paper. So i had to start over and try not doing this again. It did happen a few times throughout the process but i feel that it wasn’t overly noticeable.


For the whole filming process,  it took about 8 hours, that was including set up and everything and having to stop once to get the camera charged. Im glad i done it in a room with no windows as i began at 2 and finished at about 10pm so the light changed drastically. Im pretty pleased with the outcome. Now just to edit it and add sound.