Paper Crafting

So after two days the paper crafts for the film is finished!


These were the main colours i used for all the little objects, i wanted to keep them all similar and keep reusing the same colours throughout. most of the papers were also double sided which was really good because in some of the designs you see both sides.


Thses flowers above took the most  time to make but I’m really pleased how they turned out

IMG_4082 IMG_4083 IMG_4086

These flowers were nice to make, when they were put together i added a bit of additional decoration in the centre because it didn’t look finished and i think it really helped.

IMG_4087 IMG_4088

These flowers were really hard to figure out how to make as you can see here it took three attempts to get it right. The double sided card was too thick and the staple wouldn’t go through and stay, so i had to use single sided paper. but then i had the problem that you could only see white on the inside. so i tried folding the paper so you could see a print on both sides. That didn’t work. I ended up with a wobbly heart. so then i tried cutting all the stops of paper and putting the two white parts together. This worked really well and thats how i solved the problem.


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