Filming day

Set Up

I set up for filming in my mums work room, she has a room with only a door and no windows so it meant i could use my own lights and not worry about natural lighting. This is my set up below. I used a 200 watt bulb set on a little stool close to the action. and the camera was on the tripod to limit movement.


Background colour

For the background i debated wether to have a white background or a dark one. I thought the white would make the whole image look very plain and boring so i scraped that idea. I couldn’t find black cardboard which was what i thought of using. But i found lino flooring, I thought the grains looked really well and it added an extra depth to the background. It was also slightly shiny so reflected the lighting. And it helped that it was sturdy so when i needed to use blu tack it stayed in place.

DSC_0005 DSC_0001


I used a 200 watt bulb set on a stool so it was above the objects and they were all lit really well. I tried to add another 150 watt bulb to the side as you can see in the second picture here but it wasn’t bright enough to stop the shadows and it just created a really uneven glow. It would have needed a rand swell but i didn’t have one available so i just left it out and used the shadows to my advantage.

DSC_0007 DSC_0020

Camera technique

I was careful throughout to make sure that the ISO aperture and shutter speed were all at an equal level. You can see the drastic difference below by just changing these settings.

DSC_0008 DSC_0009

Camera Set up

I tried facing the camera straight down so i could have a straight on view of the objects but as you can see at the bottom of this photo the tripod is in the shot, so i just had to tilt the camera slightly and zoom in a bit.DSC_0011

Object set up

These were all the vintage items that i had, In my storyboard i wanted to have all of them in every shot, but when i set it up i realised that it was very cluttered, so i took some objects out and then added them in throughout the film



As you can see below it looks a lot less cluttered and there is space for everything to move around and for the paper objects to come in and out


First attempt

When i had the above objects set up i knew that my first scene was going to be the footsteps in. I had got about 20 photos into my the first scene when i realised that i hadn’t been moving all the objects only the paper. So i had to start over and try not doing this again. It did happen a few times throughout the process but i feel that it wasn’t overly noticeable.


For the whole filming process,  it took about 8 hours, that was including set up and everything and having to stop once to get the camera charged. Im glad i done it in a room with no windows as i began at 2 and finished at about 10pm so the light changed drastically. Im pretty pleased with the outcome. Now just to edit it and add sound.


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