When i was drawing out my storyboards i drew out 60  boxes to represent 1 minute and i knew that each box would have 12 frames within it, so i was going to have to take 720 photos to make a full minute, at the beginning i had picked out a song but couldn’t use it and the original story board had the line of the poem placed in to the film to match the beat in the song, so the second image here shows the beat of the song along the top and the poem on the left hand side. On the right was my working out to figure that i needed about 60 photos per line in the poem.

DSC_0596 DSC_0597

The storyboard below had only had ten boxes, to represent each line in the poem and it was really to figure out what order and direction i wanted the paper objects to go.


On the back as i was going along i was writing down how long each scene was and how many photos i had taken for each part. as you can see it was very varied as i went along and it did get shorter towards the end because i didn’t want to drag the actions out, but when it was put together i feel like it worked well with the transitions between the scenes and all the vintage objects.



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