Im using After Effects for my editing and had found it problematic to import a the full sequence. After looking online i found out that because i had deleted and retaken two photos while i was taking the film it had broken the sequence and then i couldn’t upload it altogether. So i used Automater to change the name on all of the photos to make it consecutive. I then changed the fps to 12 and watched it through. I found that i needed to add in a few extra photos to make the phone scenes last a bit longer, for example when the phone sits as if it is ringing the book, and when the glasses are talking to the phone. I just used the last photo that i wanted to slow, 5 times to do this and it worked really well.

I also tried to change the speed by changing the fps to 16 and also 10. I found that 10 worked better so that is what the final outcome is. I also added in a fade in and out at the beginning and end.

I didn’t need to edit a lot because i had been very careful while taking the footage but it did take me a long time to figure out simple things.

I used After effects to add my sound as well. I found my soundtrack on Audio Network and downloaded it as mp3. I added it in and then adjusted the length and then the sound levels at the beginning and end. The soundtrack was one of four that i had picked out before taking the footage. i wasn’t sure that it fitted in with the whole theme, but when i had played the footage with all the songs it was the one that fitted best with the footage. The other songs were very sombre and sad which is what i had been looking for. But because the footage had a very upbeat and optimistic feel the upbeat song went better.


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