Sketch Ideas

Here i have done a few more detailed sketches of my ideasIMG_4283


The above is my ideas for the main screen which will have some sort of “countdown” on it. I am having some trouble deciding how i want it to look. As you can see i started with a traditional circle and then it evolved. i love the idea of the first two in the bottom line, i want something that “fills up” how many steps have been taken every hour. but it looks very messy in a circle so i put it in a straight line but then that looks a bit boring. i will need to think a bit more for this one.


The pages below are sketches for most of the screens i will have including a profile, progress and charts, goals, calendar, friends, challenges, leaderboard, routes, music, food and water intake and social media links. i have decided i want a very clean and simple app as there will be a large range of users including elderly people who may not know how to work apps.

IMG_4279 IMG_4280 IMG_4281 IMG_4282


After sketching all of these i feel that there is a lot of lists and buttons and layers that the user has to go through in order to do what they want, so i need to think about how to solve this problem and simplify the whole app.


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