Hangover cure research

Ive been researching a lot on cures for hangovers, the below may not help for everyone but i thought it would be a really good list for every student to have.
coconut water – five of the electrolytes found in human blood, – most sports drinks only have two
banana kiwi and spinach are filled with potasium
eggs – full of amino acids like taurine (boosts liver function) and cysteine (helps the headache)
tomatoes containing fuctose and vit c  to give the liver a boost. contains lycopene, an antioxidant that reduces inflammation in the body
lime/lemon – high in vit c – increases breakdown of alcohol – regulates blood sugar
ginger to combat nausea
toast – carbs – helps raise blood sugar
crakers – bland carbs, raise the blood sugar but don’t upset the tummy more
bacon – protein – breaks down into amino acids. b vitamins
coffee – stimulant for fatigue BUT its a diarrhetic so lots of water before and after. try to stick to herbal, caffeine free options
ginger tea  – reduce nasea and motion sickness or peppermint tea – ease stomach pain and decrease naseua
cranberry juice – flushes kidneys
porridge – vit b calcium magnesium and iron. neutralises acids, raises blood sugar
cheese – fat and protein
Things other than food which could help:
oxegyn – increases the rate that alcohol toxins are broken down
exercise – releases endorphins
Lie to yourself – pretend you got more sleep than you did and you will fill better
sleep – if you have the time
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