Ive been having problems coming up with a slogan that doesn’t promote alcohol positively but does promote sensible enjoyment/ moderation and understands that you will drink too much and it can help you through it with the hangover list. I also didn’t want it to be really condescending. Or insinuate something else (e.g. living with the consequences- could mean other things witch are personal to other people) While researching there was really nothing that jumped out but below are some of the ideas that i came up with while searching:
When you want to say no but you can’t
Why would you?
seemed like such a good idea at the time
everything in moderation
saying no means you know your limits
Accept responsibility for your actions. be accountable for your results. Take ownership of your mistakes.
blame it on the alcohol
heres to hoping, heres to coping
for tomorrows hangover
there is a solution
You are free to choose, but you are not free from the consequence of your choice
Totes getting wasted
Im never drinking again… Until next time
Just in case, hangover shopping list
Last night was fun!.. This morning not so much – your shopping list to survive
“I am never drinking again” usually means “Until my hangover goes away” – Your shopping list to survive. and have a happy body.
  • Just “Never again”?
Front – Im never drinking alcohol again*
(*until my hangover goes away)
Back – Your shopping list to survive
From the distance people see the first line
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