This project was aimed at 18-65 year olds and the client for definite wanted a pedometer, leaderboards and links to social media sites. They also wanted it to be simple to use and modern and down to earth.
At the start of the process i researched a lot on apps, both ones that i used and also others that i downloaded for the purpose of the this project. Looking at other apps was helpful to understand what people are currently using. For me “My fitness Pal” was one of the main contenders because it was simple, sleek, customisable, and had everything you needed in the one app. I also like the visual elements of the graphs etc that they have. Nike fuel for me came second because it was also very visual and it incorporated motivational messages.
I began thinking about incorporating motivational messaged into my app to encourage people to continue using it and competing in challenges so i researched a lot into it to see what was out there at the minute. But as i continued through the process i felt that there was an are which needed more help, which was the experience because of such a huge age range.
Before i began any sketches i figured out exactly what features i wanted to incorporate in my design, then after the sketches i done some prototypes on pop app. I feel that throughout the project the use of pop app was beyond helpful! every time i used it i found something that didn’t work or was/wasnt needed. I ended up doing quite a few to get my app correct for usability and features. . I had a lot of problems at the beginning with having to many menus and to many functions, having a working prototype really helped me see that. After seeing the prototypes i tried to simplify my plan and make it all on two levels. At the beginning i was looking at motivation but then i realised there was a huge age range that this app needed to be usable for and i decided upon the dashboard type app which would be easier to use for the elderly. The dashboard would hold the primary information and the a small side bar would contain secondary information. while prototyping i realised that there was a huge amount of screens and layers and menus etc so i really wanted to simplify this down so that there was minimal menus so the user could access all information really quickly and simply. I thought this would really appeal to elderly users who maybe do not normally use smart devices or apps.
I wanted to create an app which had a flat user interface because i really like the simplicity, its also becoming more and more popular. I wanted a colour scheme that was suitable for male and female users so i went with pastel colours in a green amber red type scheme which i thought worked well.
I worked really hard on the user experience and wanted to put it to the test so i asked two 50 year olds and a 16 year old to try it out, i thought this was a good idea as they were at both ends of the age spectrum. All three users enjoyed it and had positive feedback, the only  thing was that maybe the buttons could be slightly larger, (but at the time of testing the phone was lagging and the buttons weren’t as responsive which may have hindered the experience) I feel the outcome is a simplistic app which features the things that the client described. And it is displayed in a unique fashion which is only beginning to be used in apps recently. If there was anything i would change i would probably work on making it look more realistic, i feel at the minute it does still look like it was just done on photoshop. And i did struggle to make it look a bit less plain during the process. But I’m really happy with the usability of it and the features it has.

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