Printing onto the tote bag

For my project the final outcome is a hangover kit, this is the finished bag for it. I got some t-shirt transfer paper and some cotton tote bags, i printed my final design and a shopping list on two separate A4 pagesIMG_4657

For the first attempt of the print i was impressed with how it looked on the bag, but needed to improve the design, i needed to change the block colour to an outline because it didn’t fully print to the bag and i also needed to enlarge the small writing a bit.  IMG_4662

I also needed to make sure it was centred for the one below i put the point in the centre of the handles but when its printed it looks like its crooked.IMG_4661 IMG_4660

Below shows how the paper looks before its printed, as you can see it has to be flipped over in order to print properly. The above is the back of the paper which you can easily iron on.IMG_4659

After changing the design i reprinted it, my idea had been to include more triangles on the bag to fill the empty space, so i printed another page of triangles that were the same size. these had to be cut out individually and i had to be careful to place them straight and the correct distance apart.IMG_4668

Because the triangles were smaller they needed less time under the iron, but i kept the same length of time. This resulted in it burning! (oops) So after this I’ve decided not to use the individual triangles on the bag print.IMG_4669


Below is the shopping list which is going on the back of the bag, this caused a lot less problems than the front as it was just text.

IMG_4670 IMG_4665

I was so happy with how the above image turned out, all the edges are really clean cut and looks really well… except for the fact that its upside down. So annoyed with myself!IMG_4666

Belo is the final printed version, this is really bad quality so better quality photos to follow.IMG_4667

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