Project Proposal Presentation


The title I’ve chosen for my project for the time being is “Cultural Collision”

As most of you know i took part in Erasmus last year and i studied at the bauhaus for two semesters. So for my project i really wanted to incorporate my experience of the whole year because being away opened so many doors and led to some amazing opportunities, while i was away I visited ten countries and nineteen cities, i think I’ve got that right, and attended some amazing events and things like Oktoberfest in Germany, The thermal baths in Hungary, hot air ballooning in turkey, Eurovision in Denmark, climbing mount vesuvius in Italy and running with the bulls in pampalona, to name but a few

I feel that with the travelling i done, I got to see first hand some of the cultural differences and similarities in each place and i really wanted to incorporate this into my project because it was all so interesting. so for my project i aim to use all the information and knowledge that i have collected and create a typeface which shows the cultural diversity of the different countries that i personally visited.

While researching I found this piece called south rose on Behance, it was a typeface which was inspired by the south rose window at Notre Dame. It incorporated the different shapes from the window into the typeface. and created an interior and exterior type. I thought this was really cool and it really sparked the idea to start thinking more about type and what i could do with it. 

I have also began reading “100 ideas that changed graphic design” and in it they have a chapter on found typography, I feel that i will draw inspiration from this idea because as the book says the alphabet will be more about curiosity, and exploring life and the places in it, taking inspiration from objects and changing it into something new.

Im a bit of a hoarder so while i travelled i collected all sorts of items like beer mats, train tickets, booklets, maps and loads of other things. And since august all of these items have been sitting untouched in a folder and hasn’t even been looked sideways at. Usually im a very hands on person, and i really love getting stuck in, so the first thing I’m going to do is create a journal with all the items I’ve found and put them together with my own photos this will give an overall experience of my journey in each country. While doing this I’m going to experiment with different papers and printing techniques and focus on layout and typography, especially the typography of each country and how it looks.

I will also incorporate research on the history and origins of typography in each specific country and also a little about the culture and architecture aswell. When the journal and research is complete I feel that I will have suitable information to move forward and decide upon a format to best display my findings. I feel initially my aim will be to create a typeface, but at the end I may also create a wall hanging, book or another suitable method.

The main problem with talking about culture is that personally i have one fixed point of view, and something that i think is very cultural and related to one place someone else from another country would disagree for example i always thought kebabs were a turkish food, but apparently their something germans are proud to call their own so i need to think about how people perceive different countries and the cultural differences between them.

But since being away i made so many new friends from all over the world I’m sure i could get them to take part in some surveys or interviews about their thoughts on the different cultures, architecture, feelings, iconic buildings and other thoughts about different countries or cities in europe.

One of my goals for the project is  to get a better knowledge of font lab, i started to create my own font at the Bauhaus, which was a great experience and something i really enjoyed doing, I also want to delve deeper into experimentation of printing techniques and also other hands on approaches such as paper cutting, quilling and collage.

For the project schedule in two weeks i want to have the journal complete and have a fair amount of the research done on each country as well. After that i will pick a country or city which interests me the most and delve deeper into it and its history origins and culture. I feel that the journal will help me get a good standing for the rest of the project as i will have a lot of research put together within in it. Also If time and money would let it, im thinking i could take another short trip to either re-explore one of the cities i have already visited or to visit a new city. But we’ll see how that goes.

One of the aspirations of this project for myself is to be able to show people how brilliant last year was. I can’t describe how it was a total game changer for me and how it completely opened my eyes and i realised that there is so much more to see and do out in the world. A lot of people were in awe when i came back and told them where i had been and I want other people to be able to experience this from home if they can’t go away themselves.

While researching i found this quote “Typography is the detail and the presentation of a story. It represents the voice of an atmosphere, or historical setting of some kind. It can do a lot of things.” Cyrus Highsmith Author of “inside paragraphs: typographic fundamentals. The aim for my project is through type or another suitable method to be able to tell the story of my journey


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