MOTYF Festival

Last year i attended the 2014 MOTYF Festival, and at it i got the book from the previous yearDSC_0732

I found the piece below page 111 by Laura van Evelingen, “Based on city Traffic, translated in graphic illustrative elements”DSC_0736


Also on page 141 Franz Werner speaks about Designing with Light he says:

“The profession of graphic design in the Western hemisphere has strong ties with its writing system – the Latin alphabet. Looking at the development of our writing system since the Hieroglyphs, one can witness a gradual simplification of form. It is this simplifying, reducing and abstracting of information, which is one of the main criteria in the language of graphic design. The influence of this systemisation and/or simplification is most notable when the art director of a project is a graphic designer using photography. Ultimately, the essence of any writing system has its roots in sharing knowledge, expressing emotions and recording history “A system of human intercommunication by means of conventional visible marks””

Pg 143

“In short, human beings are able to assign and derive meaning from almost anything. As designers, we also deal with the visual vocabularies that relate form to meaning, and therefore, form to message. In my class, we aim to develop our existing knowledge form, both on rational and intuitive level. the end result is a greater understanding of how to pierce through the clutter of visual imagery that surrounds us and ensure that our message is seen.”


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