I wonder

I got this book “I Wonder” on amazon and its soo nice! The cover is a really nice texture and the sides of every page are gold. The book is filled with lots of essays about different topics, I’m still reading them. But i was really interested with the end sections. DSC_0750I loved the shapes on these pages below. There was no real explanation just that it was called “Assembling two ikea bookshelves”  IMG_4810 IMG_4811

I was also really intrigued with the chapter about notes on life, basically the authors mother kept a notepad in the kitchen her whole life and the whole family wrote notes to each other and it was the mothers “brains” she wrote shopping lists, things she heard on the radio, messages on the phone and just everyday life things. As the author says its unedited. A diary only gets the important things put in it, but this notepad had everything from what time the potatoes went into the oven for dinner. The chapter has loads of snippets throughout many years. It was just really interesting because its a different way to record a life. A bit like I’m doing with the journal from my travels.Screen Shot 2015-02-12 at 20.24.23



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