Cultural connectives

IMG_4830The book is all about bringing the styles of the Arabic and Latin alphabets together. Ive just put a few of the key ideas and interesting points into this post that i got from the book

Arabic is the second most widely used alphabet in the world


Arabic alphabet only contains consonants short vowels are added in the form of diacritical marks, so Their text would look like the below phrase if it was english


Baseline is side ways rather than up and down – elongated letters could be something to think about for my own font.

IMG_4833 IMG_4834

The origin of Serifs date back to ancient latin lettering carved into stone.

Latin alphabet existed in Majuscule first and then minuscule after because it looked like handwriting.

The old latin script didn’t have punctuation. The full stop was incorporated to show how to read text out loud. Should my font have it?


A really nice visual read. The colours were the same the whole way through and the difference in the two alphabets was very clear. Really nice paper two and a nice way to display and explain the typeface in the last chapter.

Really interesting to look at another cullers way of writing and how they have so many variants of the same letter etc.



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