Know your Onions – Graphic Design



This book is broke down into chapters. Again Ive just put some of the information i found useful and some of the ideas i had while reading it.

Sets – in the past included, Caps, lowercase, numerals and punctuation, what should mine include? A full set of all of these.

Look up more about ligature sets? ff fl fi

Simple rules for good readability – pg 80

Serifs the book says that it was started by the romans because of the tools that they used to carve on the stone.

We read the shape not the letter – serifs help join the groups letters together. I really need to think about my design, if i should make it more of a paragraph font now or continue as a display font

The author states ” If your typeface is quirky then your design will probably look turkey” and it gave the 2012 olympics font as an example of this. Statements like this and fonts like below make me worry that i couldn’t do a paragraph font correctly but i could make a really interesting display font.

Screen Shot 2015-02-24 at 21.35.33



There is so much helpful information in this book, i have only looked in detail at three chapters but there is so much more that i will definitely look at again in the near future.

There is a lot of text with some relating visuals on every page.


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