Little book of lettering

DSC_0316As it states in “The little book of lettering” with this digital era many artists can approach their work in different ways, many draw sketches first then trace and draw onto illustrator, and some start immediately on the computer as they like the computerised outcome that they can receive. {pg1}

The book metions a graphics tablet a few times, I have a tablet myself but had never used it to create type or even writing on the computer, this may be an interesting experiment to see how it looks it may also be good when it comes to tracing my sketchs instead of scanning. The book states “it’s a more free flowing and natural way of working. Flowing curves and orghanic line work can be more easily achieved this way” {pg13}  I feel that using the tablet might really help my font look more hand-drawn. During the roulette presentation one of the comments from the tutors was that when the font is digitally draw it looses the uniqueness of hand drawing it. This could be a resolution to this project.

Dennis Payongayong {pg14}


I love this font, I really like the huge difference there is in the sizes but it works really well because it is continued through the whole phrase

Jessica Hische {pg16}


I really like jessicas style. She says she creates the skeleton of the font first and then adds in the decorative parts after. I think this is definitely a good idea for creating my font.

Danielle davis {pg22}


Creates her whole fonts on the computer using only the mouse. She begins with the vowels and then continues on with easier consonants and then leaves the hardest to last. Again I really like the difference in the thick and thin lines in the font, although I am not sure that I like the thin lines that are around the edge.

Matt Lyon {pg24}


“at times I push things a bit too far, but this is when I find design at its most exciting – when the words and letters serve a wider function than just their legibility”

I really like Lyons style, he was influenced by folk art patterning, decorative lettering and psychedelic lettering of the 1960s. these could be some topics that I look into in this project.

Steven bonner {pg44}

IMG_4841 IMG_4842

Believes lettering is very similar to illustration “the letters are my characters and as long as I keep the communication aspects intact I can apply any style I like to them. The style of the lettering often says more than the words themselves”


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