Meeting with Padraic

What was the top 3 things of my travels: Spain, running with the bulls and BBK. Denmark Eurovision. Turkey, hot air ballooning.

Eurovision ties the whole idea of the project together.

Look previous years. One main logo for Eurovision and then the countries. How many take part?

Creating a logo for each country would mean that it has the differences i want to incorporate but it will also have a continuity that i was missing.

Approach Eurovision see what they say, could i get any promo material?

Create a moving image piece at the end?

The roulette presentation brought up questions of why i wasn’t doing a typeface based on where i was from. or Ireland, somewhere i could visit. After this i got confused and thought it would maybe be better to base the project on somewhere i could research better, first hand.

But now i think the Eurovision idea ties the whole project together. I wanted to incorporate everything i seen while i was abroad and tie it all together, The typeface was a starting point but logos would be a much better idea as they can all be different but will be able to match easier than a font.


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