I was down at Offset this weekend, and got lots of really good info and inspiration, below are a few of the photos i took and some of the notes aswell

Sue Murphy

Spoke about great designers and agencies and talked about burn outs and failure aswell. She is an art director who has worked all over the world in Amsterdam at Ogilvy and Mather at IBM and currently at Wolfwollen in NYC.

One of her main things was that as a designer you should have your list, and everything you do should match with that list.



Andrew Rae

Is an English Illustrator, He wrote and illustrated Moonhead which Is now a tv show that Cartoon Saloon also work on. I just thought tho piece was interesting. it was for the new york times and talkes about the economy and money etc but i liked the style and thought it would fit in with my project, if i decided to look at the shapes of the countries.



Are a design agency from Stockholm. They were really captivating. They brought they’re own live band to introduce them. They talked about their recent work and how to get clients and do good work. They seemed really down to earth. Their website is worth a look two



Tomi Ungerer

Is an 84 year old french illustrater who has made a number of children’s books. His discussion was held in an interview format. He was very funny, kept going off topic and annoying the interviewer and he also read to the audience from one of his books – until he got bored. Really nice to see someone so old still so interested and passionate in what they are doing.


Aisha Zeijpveld

This photographer does a lot of portraits, the interesting thing is that she doesn’t use photoshop at all for her photos. She uses projecting, card and materials that suit and then just shoots until she can collect the right image. The image with the white and brown “hats” was done with steam and coffee, by throwing and fanning until they were in the right position.

IMG_4949IMG_4951 IMG_4946

Annie Atkins

Just going to start by saying I think i love her job! She creates graphic props for films. Below are some of the images from The Grand Budapest Hotel which she worked on. I never realised before how much graphic design goes into making a film. She literally worked on every element of the film from the poster, the props like the meddles box to the books on the shelf right down to the carpet! Wez anderson was the director and he wanted everything done to the highest standard from scratch. Which meant that the carpet was designed and then made rather than being bought in. They even created an empire for the imaginary empire that the budapest hotel was set in, to be put on stamps in the props. The detail that was went to was crazy!

She has also worked for the BBC and On the film Box Trolls


Atkins discussed the kerning for the signage and showed how it was slightly off and when the camera people “fixed” it they had to change it back because it was actually correct. Hotel signage from that time period were all slightly off! She talked a lot about using real historical references in her work.



This is the mendles box which is a hero prop in the film. Atkins said that after the whole film was shot she got a phone call from Wez anderson saying that she had spelt patisserie wrong. It was changed in post production and you don’t notice it in the film though.



Above you can see the actor actually hand wrote some of the props to give it more authenticity, because he was in character he could do the characters writing better than someone in the art department



Above is a bit of paper that is taken out and then destroyed in the film. When a prop is destroyed normally you have to create 12-15 copies of it so the actor can have a few takes. But this piece had to be created 30-40 times. And it was all hand done and had to be exactly the same.

Hey Studio

Are a design company in Barcelona the do 50% illustration and 50% Graphic Design. Their work includes a lot of maps and architecture and they make a lot of it by hand, for example the done the branding for a glass artist and they laser cut his business cards so it smelt like the burning that he does in his workshop.

Below is Images for a design awards ceremony “Art Fad”. The studio only accepted the project if they got to create the 500 invitations by hand. Below are the invitations for the last 3 years, its always done by hand and in the shape of an A but the material they use changes every year.





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