Roulette Presentation

I got chosen again at todays roulette presentations, and here is the feedback from peers and tutors:

How do you decide on colour? – It needs to be kept consistent throughout, needs to be a justified decision and can’t just be my opinion of what i think the countries colour should be

Look at the cultural values and initial purposes of Eurovision

Think about doing pews observation charts, this will help keep decisions consistent and see what is similar in the countries – document: marketing strategies, patterns, typefaces, history, what the logo will not incorporate (e.g.; leprechauns + leiderhosen)

Look at significant historical periods in each country e.g. Baroque period in France etc

Consider making a historical timeline of logos which all amalgamate into a modern day one?

For end piece of a show reel of the logos think about historical narration, participation in Eurovision and everything else from the country

Priority is getting the logo right now


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