Here is a copy of my Major Design Report it just explains the influences of the project and the processes that i have went through.


Nations Identity Power

While reading Paul Jordan’s thesis i came across one of his references which i thought was worth having a look at. Below is an abstract taken from Nations Identity Power and it was found on pg56. I thought the first few lines were very relevant to my project and helped to describe what i am doing “renewing themselves through various means of cultural reproduction” I feel that in the pieces that i am creating i am adding the culture and history to each piece.

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Which came first Gotham City or Gotham font?

Writer Bill Finger, on the naming of the city and the reason for changing Batman’s locale from New York City to a fictional city, said, “Originally I was going to call Gotham City ‘Civic City.’ Then I tried ‘Capital City,’ then ‘Coast City.’ Then I flipped through the New York City phone book and spotted the name ‘Gotham Jewelers’ and said, ‘That’s it,’ Gotham City. We didn’t call it New York because we wanted anybody in any city to identify with it.”

“Gotham” had long been a well-known nickname for New York City even prior to Batman’s 1939 introduction. The nickname became popular in the nineteenth century, Washington Irving had first attached it to New York in the November 11, 1807 edition of his Salmagundi. Irving took the name from the village of Gotham, Nottinghamshire, England, a place inhabited, according to folklore, by fools. The village’s name derives from Old English gāt ‘goat’ and hām ‘home’, literally “homestead where goats are kept”


Early in the 15th century, Italian scholars had abandoned blackletter in favour of a more flexible script. When Konrad Sweyheim and Arnold Pannartz set up their printing presses in Subiaco in 1465, they quickly realised that the Gothic characters so popular in Germany were not to the taste of Italian readers. These typefaces, known as Antiqua or roman faces, were enormously successful, and are still the dominant typefaces today.

These typefaces were first used in Italy, however, they crossed the Alps and became very popular in Switzerland and France and then throughout Europe.

While researching all of the different countries and fonts related to them, Garamond was one that kept reoccurring and was obviously widely used throughout Europe and had a huge influence 

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On the brand guidelines for the Eurovision song contest I found that the name of the font now in use for the contest was called Gotham made in 2000 by Tobias Frere-Jones. Originally it had been designed for GQ magazine and was inspired by the letters over the entrance to the New York port authority bus terminal. The signage during that period of time was created by the engineers rather than a typographer, so rules for creating type were not followed and mathematical reasoning of a draftsman was.

In 2008 Obama started using the font showing it was solid and durable, see figure 12, you can see President Obama on the front cover of GQ with the magazine and Obama using the same font. Over the years it has also become very dynamic as it has been used for various things such as the cornerstone for the new freedom tower at ground zero, the discovery channel, Saturday Night live and also Coca-Cola. When speaking about the font Frere-Jones (2011, p212) said, “When we were developing it we realised it would be very contemporary, but also classic and almost severe”.

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Eurovision Conference

The webcast can be found here

Full agenda for the day here

The Eurovision conference was really interesting. In particular I was intrigued in the keynote speech entitled “The Eurovision Song Contest: A platform for nation branding and nation building” (Jordan, 2011) delivered by Dr Paul Jordan an expert on the Eurovision Song Contest. In the speech Jordan talked in particular about post soviet states Estonia and Ukraine and how they used the contest to brand their nations and use the advertising to their advantage. And also how some countries used the contest to help themselves been accepted into the european union.

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Meeting with Padraic

Today we talked about progress so far, fonts and colours:

Showing my “dictionary” of symbols everyone thought this was a worthwhile idea because i now have the symbols that i need. They also liked the Zentangle method of the dog even though i was having doubts about my drawing skills and the fact that the patterns didn’t really represent anything. It was decided that the animals looked better than the flower, possibly because the patterns were more sparse.

We talked about the size, the dog i had drawn was very long and would have different proportions than that of a smaller animal like a bird? so we thought that i should have a single proportion that each animal would have to fit inside, This would help them all look more uniform. Also we talked about making sure that the logos would be the correct aspect for using on tv as this will be what it is for at the end.

For the fonts i had chosen Garamond and Gotham but wasn’t sure which to use, but we discussed it and looking at the two fonts together they work very well so i will use both within the logo.

I wasn’t sure what to do with about colours, i had initially thought i could use the colours of the flags BUT two countries have a blue, white and red flag, 3 have a red and white flag and 2 have green, white and red. Which would mean that they would all look similar. So we discussed possibly changing the colours by 10% or else change the weight of the colour for example England and France have the same three colours but you would identify England with red and France with blue. So i could weight the colours differently with the colours which appear more in that country.

Feedback from classmates

Liked the idea but thought maybe focus on one aspect of the animal, like a claw or beak or antlers so it all fits into the one shape.

Change the colour due to the weather, having it slightly brighter or darker depending on their climate.

Garamond Vs Gotham

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Garamond kept re-occurring when i was was searching for fonts used in different countries i found out that it was widely used throughout the whole of Europe during the 18th Century.

Gotham is the chosen font to be used by Eurovision song contest on all of its communications.