Meeting with Padraic

Today we talked about progress so far, fonts and colours:

Showing my “dictionary” of symbols everyone thought this was a worthwhile idea because i now have the symbols that i need. They also liked the Zentangle method of the dog even though i was having doubts about my drawing skills and the fact that the patterns didn’t really represent anything. It was decided that the animals looked better than the flower, possibly because the patterns were more sparse.

We talked about the size, the dog i had drawn was very long and would have different proportions than that of a smaller animal like a bird? so we thought that i should have a single proportion that each animal would have to fit inside, This would help them all look more uniform. Also we talked about making sure that the logos would be the correct aspect for using on tv as this will be what it is for at the end.

For the fonts i had chosen Garamond and Gotham but wasn’t sure which to use, but we discussed it and looking at the two fonts together they work very well so i will use both within the logo.

I wasn’t sure what to do with about colours, i had initially thought i could use the colours of the flags BUT two countries have a blue, white and red flag, 3 have a red and white flag and 2 have green, white and red. Which would mean that they would all look similar. So we discussed possibly changing the colours by 10% or else change the weight of the colour for example England and France have the same three colours but you would identify England with red and France with blue. So i could weight the colours differently with the colours which appear more in that country.

Feedback from classmates

Liked the idea but thought maybe focus on one aspect of the animal, like a claw or beak or antlers so it all fits into the one shape.

Change the colour due to the weather, having it slightly brighter or darker depending on their climate.


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