Final Hand in


For the final hand in i want all my sketchbooks to look the same so i have bought this green material and some book card seen below and i will bind all of the sketchbooks and then cover them with this. I have also created a cover which i will transfer onto the material.




I had some problems with the transferring the cover image onto the material, i Ironed the image and found that it was not enough so i had to employ a few different techniques aswell. this included a heat gun and a rolling pin (anything to get the job done) The heat gun gave a really good finish and made all of the images more clear and also stick better. Also heating the rolling pin was a good effect as it gave extra pressure.

One of the only bad things about it is that i had to cut out the type on the image, this was because if the transfer paper has nothing on it it can melt and look messy. So because of this most of them are straight but some are not because they are so small and got nudged by the iron when the were first being heated.



A picture of some of the final pieces:



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