Final logos with colour

Here are the coloured logos, for these i used the colours that are in the flags i feel that they worked out very well but I’m disappointed with some including the UK, i found it difficult with some of the animals because the patterns were different sizes and shapes and they it was hard to choose which colour to put on the larger parts of the patterns.

Earlier in the project i was worried about the fact that some of the flags had the same colours in them and would all look similar but i when the animals were done they all looked different, had different sizes and patterns. The animals were also separated differently for example the birds had feathers so they had more uniformed division but the likes of the dear and wolf have fur so they were separated more by the patterns from the country.

I also found that because of the patterns the shade of the colour changed slightly, for example the top feather of Austria looks much darker compared to one of the plain coloured feathers, this was because of the pattern that was laid on top of it

Austria Flag

Denmark Flag

France Flag colour

Germany Flag colours

Hungary Flag

Ireland Flag


Italy Flag

Poland Flag

Spain flag

UK Flag


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