Final Presentation

Here is the final presentation which was done today

Amie Boyle VIVA

And notes to go with it:

So my project is called Cultural Collision

The original concept was to develop on my Erasmus journey from last year.

At the beginning of the project I found this piece by Sydney Goldstein and liked the idea of using elements of my travel within a typeface.
While i was travelling i didn’t focus on typography, which i was annoyed about but i did have a collection of interesting signs and logos and lots of first hand photos of the architecture and different things in the country
During my research i came across this russian design company Zergutdesign and liked how they portrayed the different countries with small elements and different fonts
I researched  a lot of typography and and especially hand illustrated as its what i was most interested in, this is some examples from Ludvig Nevland
And Si Scott who also does some typography and illustration work
I researched countries and cities which created their own identity and typefaces, in particular i looked at Sweden, chattanooga in america and Eindhoven in the netherlands.
During the project i also looked at illustrators, this is Andrew Rae who spoke at Offset this year
And also Zoe more o’ferall. I liked the style that both of these artist had and was influenced by the architecture and ways that they had portrayed the countries in these pieces in particular
So after all that research into artists and typographers and the countries i was really confused and figured that a typeface that was going to be able to portray the ten countries i had visited was going to be really difficult. So already confused about how to proceed we had the week 4 roulette presentations. And during it I explained i wanted to incorporate 10 countries but thought i should focus on one country instead, then everyone said why not just focus on doing Ireland. Then i had a meeting with terry my 2nd supervisor he agreed that i should focus on one country or event but he said the same thing, why not “ireland”. Then i start doubting myself and wonder why I’m not doing Ireland. Then i had a meeting with padraic told him what was going on and he said i should definitely focus the project then we chatted and he asked what were the top three things i done last year. I said Running with the bulls, Hot air ballooning in Turkey and Eurovision.
So that led to the decision of focusing on the Eurovision song contest, I looked into the history of how it began and how it became so influential. I also researched previous branding and graphics for the contest. This is the title cards that were previously used.
This is the theme artwork for 2015, every year the hosting country gets to decide what the theme is and how they want the show to look that year. After seeing this i decided that i would create a proposal for the theme artwork for 2016.
After the 2014 contest The european broadcasting union who run the contest every year decided to rebrand the contest. The old logo had been in use for over 10 years. They done loads of research and found out that it was recognisable and worked well so they only made slight changes
So now that i was doing a logo for each country i done a bit more research. At this point i started to look back at the alphabet of the countries that the Russian design studio had created. As you can see i was looking at very simple clean logos
I started researching the countries again and picking out elements that i could use within the logos and thought i would go for something simple like the previous logos. But as i sat drawing celtic knots one night i remembered seeing The zentangle method
Heres some examples. Zentangles can come in any shape and the basic method is that you start with an outline and within that you create repetitive patterns. The main “rules” for creating a tangle are that it is meant to be unplanned and have no end goal every stroke is meant to be deliberate but unexpected; you shouldn’t be hesitant when creating it. So obviously i changed the rules to suit as i did have an end goal and i did plan what every line represented.
I kept seeing tiles like this that people would work from while doing a big tangle and decided to create my own
After doing the tiles i wasn’t happy, i wasn’t sure how i would use the elements of the squares within a bigger peicece and decied that they were more of a piece on their own
So after doing the tiles i tried out some flowers and animals. and hated them. I felt that they had shapes and patterns within them but they didn’t mean anything.
After that i remembered justin saying during my week 8 roulette presentation about doing pew charts for each country. so i would ask the same questions over again for each country. I didn’t exactly do a chart but it was the same idea, i also done a few pages rafter completing the questions that included symbols patterns and pieces of architecture that i could possibly use. This was germanys
And this is a mix of denmark, france and austria. for this information i looked at my first hand photos, the pieces that i collected in every country which i had put into a journal and also online looking at architecture, history at things like ruins and symbols from past languages.
You can see a lot of architecture in denmark and france here. but with austria becausee i hadn’t visited it i went a slightly different route looking at the artwork of Gustav climt
So after making my “dictionary” i had lots of patterns to work with. While doing the pew charts i found out the national flower and animal for every country. Initially i thought the flower would look better. But literally all of them looked like blobs, I think there was either too many or not enough petals on the flowers.
I then moved onto animals. These ones didn’t make the cut, but you can see that the shape of
the animal is more recognisable than the flowers. you can also see my drawing skills aren’t great.
In the middle of doing the tangles i found out about a conference held for the 60th anniversary. you can find the link on my log if you really want to watch it. but it touched on aspects which i hadn’t heard about before
Facts like Estonia not being part of the EU when they won eurovision, they were still being considered but they really used the contest to promote the country and a better perception of themselves they even launched a nation branding campaign called “Brand Estonia” and this  logo is still used now with some slight alterations. Also Ukraine who won for the first time with Ruslana, The theme that the choose was “positively transforming” and they also used the show as an image builder and weren’t part of the EU either.
And then back to the work, These are the scans of the ten final tangle drawings
There was three stages in the final process, the top left image is the scan, the right is the vecotorised image and the bottom is after clean up in photoshop. You can see slight changes but for this eagle i spent 5 hours on the clean up alone, you know things aren’t going well when your sitting with your rubber tool at 2pixels After that i set time limits of roughly two hours for the clean up because i could just keep going on forever with it.
Moving on to type in the brand guidelines for Eurovision it states that Gotham is used i really liked the font and wanted to keep it in line with the contest.  it was originally created for GQ magazine. and These are just a few of the things it has been used for,
While researching fonts in the ten countries, Garamond kept reoccurring. So i wanted to use it because i felt it was a nice way to incorporate a font which had been used in so many places, It also just looks class.
This is a final black and white for germany. Overall I’m really pleased with how it looks and i like how the fonts work together and are clean and strong in comparison to the animal which is more artistic
Moving on i wanted to add colour from the flags. Not these flags though.
These ones, I debated how i would do the colour because as you can see there are so many that are similar, but in the end i think it worked well
This is the final coloured germany, i didnt incorporate black because the outline was already black but i did use white for some spacing which i done with the others aswell
And then heres the other 9, so as you can see the different patterns and shapes on each section changed how the colour looked. And also adding the UN country codes and country name helps the animal become more distinguishable.
And finally This is a breakdown of some of the shapes that i took from my first hand photos

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