Coasts Connected Proposal

Ireland and America are connected in many ways not only physically through their recognisable coastlines (the North Atlantic Ocean) but also through deep history and immigration.

Through the years there has been a lot of Irish diaspora, due to the famine, lack of work, and the troubles, among other reasons. People were immigrating to America to survive, in many different forms. This is also evident in the reverse where immigrants returned to Ireland with their families to reintegrate locally. A number of my family members have immigrated to America some of them have stayed and brought up their families there and some like my father returned to Ireland after a period of time.

I plan to present an alternative visual exploration of some of my family members journeys and explorations between the contrasting coastlines of Ireland and New York. How they have changed and been affected through the experience and also how both countries developed, in particular the coasts. I will be using the mediums of photography, illustration and mixed media.