Self esteem and Anxiety

In the Article Josh Shipp is interviewed and then gives 5 examples of starting conversations with teens. Shipp was raised by a series of foster parents who tried their best, but couldn’t handle his behaviour issues. Shipp was able to overcome the pain of abuse, neglect and bullying, and is now known as “The Teen Whisperer” for the insight and advice he gives to adolescents and their parents.

“I think poor self–esteem comes from running up against adversity and not understanding how to recover from it.”

“I think that no matter how good or bad your self–esteem is at first, if you hear negative things day in and day out, it’s going to wear on you. It’s going to break you down regardless of how confident you might be in yourself.”

“My parents spoke positive words to me every single day, and that was what I really needed more than anything. Oftentimes parents think, “Well, my kid knows that I think he’s great; he already knows I love him and believe in him.” But you have to understand that with pre–teens and teenagers, it’s almost as if all their memories are erased every single day. As a matter of fact, repetition is really needed with this age group”

“The truth is, your child doesn’t get to know other kids in the classroom—not really. In class, you have to be quiet because you’re learning and the teacher needs to keep control. It’s in extracurricular activities where your child can get to know other kids.”

Ways to start real conversations for teens:

“Talk to me about what’s hard”

Use movies to start conversations

Make a regular lunch date with your teen

Show your child how to deal with difficulty

Try to speak your teen’s language


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