Ways to Improve Self Esteem








7 Ways to Build Confidence in Kids with Speech Disorders

1. Help them meet other kids with speech disorders

2. Teach them how to set goals that build confidence.

3. Include exercise and healthy eating and sleeping habits.

4. Pay attention to your own communication with your kids.

5. Volunteer together.

6. Avoid constant praise.

7. Help them find opportunities to build self-esteem.


Building self esteem

The following are tools and suggestions that can help build self-esteem from Harley Therapy.

Focus your attention on your strengths. Make a list on paper of your skills, positive qualities, and things about yourself you like. This can include but is not limited to personality traits, achievements, and hobbies you do well at. If possible ask someone you trust to help you identify some of your positive traits. Keep adding to the list as time goes on, and take time to read it over weekly or whenever you are challenged by negative thoughts.

Up your self-care regime. Taking better care of your physical health is a way value yourself and show yourself respect. Eat well, allow yourself to wear clothes you feel good in, and exercise, which is proven to elevate moods.

Recognise unhelpful thoughts. Learn to differentiate between regular thoughts and those which are created by low self-esteem, which often begin with “I am” or “I should”. Examples are, ‘I am not going to be good enough at this so why try’ or ‘I should have done better at that presentation’. Once you catch a negative thought it can help to use questions such as:

  • Is this fact or my opinion?
  • What are the disadvantages of this thought?
  • What evidence do I have against this thought?
  • Am I trying to predict what will happen instead of being open-minded about what could happen?
  • What is a more balanced thought I could choose to have instead?

Try a different perspective. If you are feeling low over a situation you are convinced did not go well, it can help to imagine you are someone else. What would your best friend say if she had been watching? Or even your older self aged eighty, would they be as judgemental?

Identify and set goals. Ensure they are realistic goals, but not so safe they do not challenge you. Break each goal down into manageable steps and set a time limit within which you will achieve it.

Spend more time doing what you are good at. Identify what you do well and consider doing more of these things.

Spend more time with positive people. It’s easier to feel good about ourselves if we choose to surround ourselves with others who respect and appreciate us.

Learn assertiveness. Saying ‘no’ is an art form that anyone can learn and can help those with low self-esteem set much needed boundaries with others.

Learn to communicate how you feel. Low self-esteem can cause sufferers to think that sharing how you feel causes arguments. But proper communication can lead to stronger relationships. Once you learn how to communicate in a helpful manner it is incredibly empowering to share your true thoughts and feelings with others


Boosting Confidence

25 Actions on boosting self confidence found here


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