The Happiness Advantage

While researching different techniques to help with self esteem I came across a whole area called positive psychology. One talk that interested me was “The happy secret to better work” by Shawn Anchor who explains that there is seven main principle that Fuel Success and performance at work.

Anchor is a very clear and witty speaker and i liked the topics that he covered in his TED talk so i ordered the book to see what more he had to say


It was basically a longer version of the TED talk but was backed up by over 200 studies. Heres a few extracts from the book

Speaking about the field of positive psychology: “Extraordinarily, as late as 199,8 there was a 17-to-1 negative-to-positive ratio of research in the field of psychology. In other words, for every one study about happiness and thriving there were 17 studies on depression and disorder”

“The pattern of focusing on the negative pervades not only our research and schools but our society”

“What we spend our time and mental energy focusing on can indeed become our reality”

**Anchor states that there was a Meta- analysis of nearly every scientific happiness study available – over 200 studies on 275000 people worldwide. This is called The benefits of frequent positive affect: Does happiness lead to success? so i will look into this in more detail.

As people “we see what we look for and we miss the rest”

“Armed with positivity the brain stays open to positivity”

These are only a few that i highlighted – i nearly had half the book highlighted!

The 7 principles explained in the book:

The Happiness Advantage

The Fulcrum and the Lever

The Tetris effect

Falling up

The Zorro circle

The 20-Second rule

Social investment




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