Mental Health Services NI

This piece were an NI woman brands mental health services the ‘Cinderella’ of the health service heard on coolfm  before Dec 2015

“There’s a huge discrepancy between physical health and mental health services

“Mental health is the ‘Cinderella’ of services here. There’s a large number of people who are mentally unwell and there’s still a huge stigma attached to that.

“I think we’ve had to fight for psychology.

“I think there’s a certain resistance to admit things could have been better. They need to listen to users and be open minded and not go on about a resource issue.

“The department do not have some of the resources they need. It’s a big issue for them.

“In 2013/14, £247m was invested in mental health services – an increase of £7m from 2012/13

So obviously from this there is a definite need for more programmes in the mental health services


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