When games invade real life

It was suggested by Anto to have a look at this TED talk by Jesse Schell which was given in April 2010  (just 4 years after Facebook was made public to all people with an email over the age of 13.)

“At the DICE Summit, he makes a startling prediction: a future where 1-ups and experience points break “out of the box” and into every part of our daily lives”



Schell explains how Facebook was unexpected, and talks about psychological mind tricks in gaming, and compares an iPhone to a swiss army  knife among so much more

He also talks about the psychology of children with Webkins, every child thinks theres a magical animal inside every normal stuffed animal – Webkins puts that magical animal on screen for the kids to see (toy story type thing going on there)

“Are there new psychological angles to find – who researches these

“Everything is breaking through to reality

Screen Shot 2016-02-17 at 01.27.48.png

Interesting ideas to think about like – Gaming and points systems are all designed and leading more back into real life. And games to trick attention. He also made a really good user scenario with the points system.


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