Interview with Marian Dorman

I had a quick chat with Marian Dorman. The Southern Trust Neighbourhood renewal Health Coordinator. Just to find out whats currently available in my area and who i could approach for further information. Also any programmes that were in place along these lines. Below is the list she gave me. So i will research into them a bit more to find out whats going on

Breakthru – Sean Murray

Action Mental Health

Aware Depression – Check age

Start 360


Addiction NI

Ogres – SELB – Lisa

Saol Spri

Game Changers

Local GAA Clubs – Every club has to promote positive mental health

Dunlugh – Niall Herron, Catherine

Dungannon – Youth clubs, Youth for Christ

Armagh – Hebron house

Christians against poverty – Vineyard church

Rugby Club

Fit 4 you for you – for disabilities coming soon

Parenting NI

CRAIC Youth theatre – Coalisland

TRUST – SWC – Mental health first aid, Protect life strategy, ASSIST

Promoting well being team – Prevention section of trust

Bounce – Mental health, Maureen Mcsworly


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