Creating confident pupils: advice from HandsOnScotland


HandsOnScotland, a toolkit for people working with children and teenagers, explains that teachers with high confidence in their own teaching ability create confident pupils.

It says that to increase pupils’ self-confidence, teachers must improve pupils’:

  1. Belief in their ability to do things
  2. Sense of worth
  3. Sense of responsibility for their actions

More detailed information is provided for each of those three areas.

There is also a “growing confidence trees” activity to carry out with children, which will encourage them to reflect on their confidence levels. Questions to discuss during the activity include:

Screen Shot 2016-02-12 at 13.02.11.png

All our articles are defined by the needs of school leaders

Our articles answer members’ questions on all aspects of school leadership, and are published within three working days.

We also anticipate members’ needs by clarifying new policies, legislation or guidance as soon as information is available.

  • What areas are you most confident in?
  • How did you get to be so confident in this area?
  • How can the ways your confidence grew in another area help you grow more confident in the area you wrote on your tree?
  • How can you help other people to grow more confident?



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