Colour Scheme

After doing further research on the psychology of colour and i decided to use

Pink for the Appreciate section because in a few articles i found that pink represented appreciation

Teal for the Reflect section as it represents shallowness and light

Yellow for the praise section as it represents optimism

After deciding on the three colours to use i then had to decide on shades to make sure that they worked well together. For this i used Adobe Kuler and found it to be perfect to get a triad of colours that worked well. Below is a screen grab of the adobe Kuler screen.

Screen Shot 2017-02-20 at 01.18.59.png


Below is the final colour scheme i decided upon. I only wanted three colours for the project as i felt any more would be too messy. Then the fonts and icons would be either white or grey, giving the app a fresh and clean feeling

Fundamentals Colour Swatches.jpg


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