Learning Objectives

The Learning Objectives are in the supervisors guide this gives a full description of exactly what each section involves and what the supervisor must do for each section. I wanted to explain each section to the supervisor separately as i don’t want the user to know that some of the sections are to build self esteem as the user may not know that they could have low self esteem

Learning Objectives

Students will..
– Identify that a digital footprint is long lasting
– Demonstrate a knowledge of citizenship
– Reflect personally on the things that make them grateful
– Be involved in group discussion and pair work

– Enhance reading, typing and speaking skills

Section 1 – Reflect – 20 minutes 

Lone work & Group discussion.

Focusing on online awareness in particular the students digital foot print.
You will guide a group discussion based on the below questions.

The students begin by reading to themselves, they will then be asked “How do you keep information private in the real world” “How do you keep information private in the digital world” “What information do you want to share?” “What information do you want to keep private?” they will submit the answers on the app and begin you will begin the discussion.

Section 2 – Appreciate – 30 minutes 

Lone work.

Focusing on building the users self esteem by practicing gratitude.
You will provide the worksheet and paint needed for this activity.

The students type 5 things that make them feel happy, supported, loved, encouraged and excited. They will then assign a colour to each of the 5 things and paint the body in the handout. They will then photograph the final outcome with the app and submit it.

Section 3 – Praise- 20 minutes 

Pair work.

Focusing on social awareness, this is by complimenting their peers, and seeing how their actions influence other people, this activity will also help build self esteem.

You will assign project partners for this activity. The person closest to them.
The students type out 3 compliments about the person in front of them and send it.

They will then verbally give their project partner 3 compliments


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