InVision app has the new feature to use a screen as an overlay, i incorporated three overlays into the app and thought it looked very professional, the pop ups were saved as PNGs with no background so the user can still see the main screen in the background. Each pop up is linked to go back to the page that the user just came from. I used the pop ups for the hexagon timer which is on most pages (so the user can see where they are in the app) and also for the question mark suggestions, where the pop up tells the user possible suggestions for them to answer the activitytimer.pngpop up.pngpop up 2.png

Icon Explanation

The final icon explanation screens. I found this difficult to display in an orderly fashion, there was also too many icons and explanations to do it in any of the previous layouts for the app. But i am happy with how it turned out, i definitely think it looks much better with the white explanation hexagons

Screen Layouts

Throughout the app i have only used three main layouts as well as the three main colours, with only the content or icons changing, this was to provide the user with some familiarity. Each background is the same layout and then there is either the small hex pop ups, which explain something to the user, the larger hex flower, which either explain something or ask the user to do an activity or the square box which asks the user to type within it and answer the questions asked.

For continuity i also wanted to keep the hex timer in the bottom left corner and the next page arrow is always on the bottom right corner.think4reflect aimshappy

Learning Objectives

The Learning Objectives are in the supervisors guide this gives a full description of exactly what each section involves and what the supervisor must do for each section. I wanted to explain each section to the supervisor separately as i don’t want the user to know that some of the sections are to build self esteem as the user may not know that they could have low self esteem

Learning Objectives

Students will..
– Identify that a digital footprint is long lasting
– Demonstrate a knowledge of citizenship
– Reflect personally on the things that make them grateful
– Be involved in group discussion and pair work

– Enhance reading, typing and speaking skills

Section 1 – Reflect – 20 minutes 

Lone work & Group discussion.

Focusing on online awareness in particular the students digital foot print.
You will guide a group discussion based on the below questions.

The students begin by reading to themselves, they will then be asked “How do you keep information private in the real world” “How do you keep information private in the digital world” “What information do you want to share?” “What information do you want to keep private?” they will submit the answers on the app and begin you will begin the discussion.

Section 2 – Appreciate – 30 minutes 

Lone work.

Focusing on building the users self esteem by practicing gratitude.
You will provide the worksheet and paint needed for this activity.

The students type 5 things that make them feel happy, supported, loved, encouraged and excited. They will then assign a colour to each of the 5 things and paint the body in the handout. They will then photograph the final outcome with the app and submit it.

Section 3 – Praise- 20 minutes 

Pair work.

Focusing on social awareness, this is by complimenting their peers, and seeing how their actions influence other people, this activity will also help build self esteem.

You will assign project partners for this activity. The person closest to them.
The students type out 3 compliments about the person in front of them and send it.

They will then verbally give their project partner 3 compliments

Vanishing hexagons

On the inVision app there is the option to time each of the pages to change at the pace that the creator wants. I really liked this idea and felt that it would really add to the story telling in the first section, below is the jpegs of the first attempt. When i then out them into the app i realised that i needed to create more in between jpegs so that the action flowed better. Im really impressed with this feature in inVision app, and have found it throughly helpful.

Screen Shot 2017-03-28 at 23.14.12.png

Timer Experiments

I wanted to incorporate a timer at the bottom of each section so the user knows how much further they have to go. Below was one of the first experiments and i really didn’t like it, the timer takes over the corner and just takes up too much space, so i think i will use three smaller hexagons which will fit inside just one large hexagonScreen Shot 2017-03-24 at 19.16.29.png