Background options

Below are three options with the coloured hexagon backgrounds, as you can see the first one with the pointed edges looks unfinished, i much prefer the second scaled option.

Background 3 coloursmulticolour background centred

As i wanted to use the hexagon flower as a motif through out the project i wanted to text out a flower background with the colours going in the flower layers rather than in vertical lines. I don’t think this worked well as the content could get lost very easily as there is a lot of colour and movement happening on the page.

multicolour background flowers


Final layouts

I found that i had so many elements that creating one long document ran into major problems when it came to saving on photoshop and also editing in After Effects, so i have broke the film down into a start middle and end piece, the start is before he leaves for NY the middle is when he begins exploring and the end is when he explores with my mum when she arrives!


Now with the addition of the memorabilia i have decided to layout all of the elements of the piece in a long file. Below is one of the first trials, where i was trying to add all new elements into the one document and keep it all in the current dates for the timeline



One in 8 Million

One in 8 Million is a really inspiring work created by the New York Times, exploring the diversity in New York City by using both image and sound bites (under 3 minutes) from the people. The serious has actually won an Emmy in the “New Approaches to Documentary” Category

The pieces have really beautiful black and white photography and the person speaking over it and you can really get a sense of who they by seeing the serious of still images of them and their habitat. The serious interviews people of all ages and from all backgrounds.Screen Shot 2016-02-10 at 00.35.47.png