For this project i picked Seeing is believing, i thought  it would be a really good opportunity to try and learn a bit more about using after effects. At the beginning i thought i would create the promotional video for an existing app, so i spent some time researching current apps which would be interesting to create a video for. After some feedback i decided that the apps that i had picked, did already have a video and i decided i would create my own app which would be a bespoke travelling app, as i travelled last year i thought i could incorporate some of my own photographs and learn some techniques on creating moving photos. After a while though and a heavy workload i decided that there was not enough time to create the graphics for an app when it wouldn’t be marked. For my graphic design class i was already doing an app so i decided to use it instead. This meant that i could change buttons icons or anything i wanted and all the layers would be accessible which was a bonus. But this also meant that i had to wait until the app was completed. In the end i think this was the right decision through because i knew the app and knew exactly how i wanted the promotional video to look and already had ideas about who the video would be directed at. in the meantime i had done storyboards but when it came to editing i found that i cut out some of the stuff and added in some aswell although i did keep to the general idea of it but it isn’t exact.

Because i created the app myself i decided to use the same colour and font for it. The font i used was modern sans which was the one that is in the app, i just wanted to keep everything very similar. I wanted to incorporate type but i didn’t want to over crowd the simple design so i only used four phrases. I thought about what i wanted the viewer to think when they read them, i used strong words which would appeal to a potential user, these were, Encouraging, Everyone, Offering, Performance, Sleek, and Accesible. I thought these were all positive and encouraging and could entice the viewer into becoming a user. For the colour I actually got the idea from a music video, which had flashing colours in the background. I started with that idea and when i added in the music i thought it  would be really nice to change the colours in time with the chimes. I think it worked out really well and created some strong transitions. I used audio network for the sound, i wanted something simple yet epic, and something that would hold your attention. I think the piece works really well.
I had quite a lot of problems through out this project right down to recording the screen while editing, I was using a pc while editing because my after effects wouldn’t work, I couldn’t get the screen recorded with a programme on it so i recorded it with a new one, and took over 3 hours of footage but it all dissapeard! So i found this one piece that had saved and had to record it again with my mac because final cut wouldn’t accept it.
The video on screen now, shows me editing the dashboard part of the app. This proved to be really difficult, at first i couldn’t figure out how to insert the iPhone screen shape, in my research all of the videos were the correct shape so they didn’t need to fix it. The solution to this was to bring the photoshop file into after effects and make sure there was no background so it left a screen sized hole. Then on the top and bottom of the phone to cover the other scrolling sections i just covered it with a coloured square. i had tried to use the mask tool but it would not work for what i wanted. I couldn’t get the timing of the dashboard right at all, it would either not touch the top or bottom of the screen or else it would move to the side slightly. When i finally got it right the whole action was too fast. I then had to use an effect called time stretch which fixed the problem.
Im happy with how my project looks, i think all the elements work really well together and i have included some nice transitions and techniques.


I have been looking on Audionetwork for some music for this project, the main contenders were below, i was looking for something thats very strong and epic yet relaxing
winners – gareth johnston
make a change – adam drake
In mid air – patrick hawks
Then i came across the below song and fell in love with it, i think it fits perfectly with my film.
**colourful kites in the sky – john 00 fleming

Story boards

here is my very technical written storyboard with links added

side bar in and out

might be similar?
final secondary screens from the side bar???
Really nice to use
use colour scheme from app in background throughout changing
Use – modern sans  like the app
music – colourful kites in the sky
Use this for type?
write about:
What the app aims to do.
Who its aimed at?
fade in
Steps 4 health logo.
changing colours for a while
split and slide transition
Iphone –
first pages with click button.
slide in navigation
scroll up and down. – use an arrow at the side
split slide transition
do page shuffle tutorial to show all pages in the side bar
text animation effects through out. – use same font for it



So due to some time retrains i have decided to change my idea again and now instead of creating my own new app i will use one that i am creating for another class. This will mean i have full control and can so what i want basically, only thing is i have to wait until all of the elements have been created.


For the app i definitely want a “map” feature and also some sort of story telling feature, where you can add some sort of writing over the top of images. Mainly because i think it would look well edited together.

Screen Shot 2014-11-30 at 16.27.22

Screen Shot 2014-11-30 at 16.28.40 Screen Shot 2014-11-30 at 16.27.30