Final Film

So here is my final film. Its about a girl looking back on her life and the things that trapped her. I used overlays to add a sense of uncertainty which the girl would have been feeling. I Projected my original footage onto a wooden fence and also a brick wall which had been painted white. I loved the texture that this created and how it distorted both the image and the colour. I also felt that both of these textures gave a sense of history and depth to the footage. The song I used was the main influence for this film and i took some of my imagery from the lyrics. I wanted to use close ups in my film because i wanted to have a video art and experimental film style. I also felt the close ups would make the viewer feel uneasy and would add to their curiosity.


Projected footage on brick wall

This is some of the footage i took in Pomeroy. It was a bit difficult getting everything set up straight because there was a gravel gound and  it was very uneven. I used two large extension leeds to hook the projector up to electricity. Im really happy with the footage and love the texture that the brick gives to the imagery.

This is a picture of the wall. As you can see it is not very large. I didn’t take a picture of the set up but it was the same as i used for the wooden fence. I went out at about 9.30pm as it began to get dark so i would still have some light, because i found that the projector is very bright in the dark and my camera wouldn’t properly pick up images and colours.


Original footage

Heres the original footage that I have taken for my sort film.

Ive used overlays to create an uncertainty and make the viewer feel uncomfortable.

Breakdown of the imagery

Ive listened to the song Pompeii and gathered some ideas from it. I wanted to use close ups to add mystery to the film and the layers also add to this. The whole idea of the film is about being trapped and breaking free. Thats why there is images of water, clouds a rope and a small child breaking away from an elder, Its about growing up, and escaping, and having your eyes widened to the world around you.

Projected footage

So this is the first projection

I’ve used loads of layers in my film and projected the footage onto a fence in my back yard. Heres a wee photo of the set up… DSC_0011

Next i’m going to film projected footage on my sister (the girl in the film) and then i will project that footage into a brick wall (below)


Then i need to add titles and music which is “Pompeii” by Bastille (video below) Im not going to use the full song as my film wont be that long, so i will be using garageband to edit the song.

Idea remix

Currently listening to remixes of the song i had originally thought of using.. wondering if i could get away with changing the song (to a remix version) along with completely changing (remixing) all the footage that i already have.


After taking some of my planned footage, i’m really not sure if its the way i’m going to go. It’s just not looking good, looks nothing like video art, footage is shaky because i didnt use a tripod for all of it and i don’t have enough footage to fill the soundtrack. Only redeeming feature is that it looks vaguely like whats described in the lyrics.

Really thinking of scraping all this footage and starting again, going back to my original idea, of using extreme closeups and making video art. And possibly only using a short version of the song? Don’t really know what to be at.